Songwriting Instrumental Packs

Songwriting Instrumental PACKS


Subscribe to our catalog of Modern & Professional Songwriting Instrumentals so you can:

  • level up your songwriting, to become a better and more versatile writer
  • build momentum and enjoy writing without the creative barriers like writers' block or unfinished songs
  • pitch & release songs without ever needing to play an instrument


Writers’ block, rejection, lack of opportunity, unfinished songs… the list goes on of reasons why songwriters quit.

Inspire the Song is a subscription for songwriters of all levels and genre, who want to stand the test of time and ensure these issues don’t prevent them from reaching their songwriting dreams.

Every month, we top up the catalogue with instrumentals crafted from an in-depth knowledge of current songwriting and production trends.

Without the pressure of needing to produce or play an instrument... all that’s left is writing great songs and enjoying the ride.

In short, we make you sound good and help you advance to the next stage of your songwriting career without all the stressful parts of being a songwriter.

Welcome to Inspire the Song!

Songwriter & Producer

"Music is best made in community.  This is why every songwriter at any level should join No matter your experience, you'll be challenged to grow in your craft"

Joseph Prielozny - Grammy award winning producer and VP of A&R at Curb/Word Entertainment

Start Songwriting with the Same Music Production That got Us Onto the Billboard Charts and Multiple Radio and iTunes no1s

Get a Taste of What's Currently Inspiring Writers from Around the World.

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Imagine What YOU Could Write
with Tracks Like These!

Imagine Waking Up To An Overload Of Messages, DMs & Tweets...

Friend: "I just heard your song on the radio".

Other Songwriters: "Dude! You're on the charts... We should write!"

Publishers & Labels: "Hey I heard that song... let's set up a meeting."

All Because You Positioned Yourself For
Songwriting Success Using The Instrumental Packs Exclusive to Inspire the Song.

Writing, Pitching and Releasing modern & professional songs is the key to earning your place in the industry. The fastest way to get there is by subscribing to
Inspire the Song

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